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Welcome to the TLC Foundation!


The TLC Foundation was created by a compassionate group of professional people who recognised the issues faced by a very lovely young girl of 17 years old (K) who is Dual Diagnosis Downs Syndrome and Autism, with a severe and complex learning difficulty. From following her journey from a young child to a teenager, inevitably we also learned of the issues faced by her friends at special needs school and of the many difficulties faced by their parents. We set up a pilot parent support group and from learning and listening to the needs of this vulnerable, disadvantaged group in our community, the inspiration to create the TLC Foundation charity was born. 

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Address: 1st Floor, The Loft, 60 George Street Ringway, Bedworth, CV12 8EA


Support for Parents
Parents and Daughter

As well as raising awareness about the needs and rights of disabled children and their families, we aim to provide parents with emotional support through counselling or peer support groups, practical assistance such as respite care or home adaptations, and advocacy services to help parents navigate healthcare and education systems.

Support for the Child with a Disability
A woman hugging a disable child

The TLC Foundation advocates for the rights and needs of disabled children and works to increase awareness and understanding of their conditions. Ultimately, the goal of the charity is to empower disabled children to achieve their full potential and live happy, fulfilling lives

Support of Siblings

The TLC Foundation advocates for the rights and needs of siblings of disabled children, raising awareness about their experiences and working to ensure that they receive appropriate support and access to recreational activities and social events to help siblings form positive relationships and build self-confidence.

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